A bit about SURF

Susie teaches acting from a place of kindness. Her method is not about tapping into pain to create but rather letting go of pain to empathize and reveal. Her work exploress the concept of “doubling down with love” when you’d rather do anything but….it is the strengthening of character by transmuting the energy of past pain through asking them to FORGIVE YOU.
From there we can begin to build..and no sooner…or else we perpetuate the pain and cause more.

Testimonial Video

BY understanding your own story and finding peace with your repaltionships you well of creatives expands and your empathy for others and yourself multiplies.

This is a student after a year… Sharing her PEACE outside- Improv and inspired movement

Everyone can enjoy the class from newbies, to professionals and everything in between.

You only need a desire to come from love in your work and we are all set.

Email susie for class times and locations susie@susiektaylor.com

Susie’s approach to acting combines several techniques but focuses mainly on the physical movement aspect of approaching acting. Students study learn Laban, Viewpoints and Alexander techniques. Susie’s touch is an as well as an overall understanding of how to let go of their character and other blocks that are limiting their creative expression.

Her process is called S.U.R.F. And it is a useful skill for relationships and building empathy and dealing with loss.

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