Ego buster

not sure why I do it. Perhaps it is just inevitable to not be good at many things but lately...lately I have been pushing through the ego defying moments..sometimes at the brink of tears from the humiliation but still pushing. Because for some reason staying humble suits me and what…


“Do you know what’s in here? You shouldn’t take something unless you know what it is…” he said..with a smirk

I had placed all the supplements on the counter and with the one that was a cow thyroid bovine....that was a supplement prescribed by my ::chiropractic neurologist::" he warned against it..."Do you know what's in here? You shouldn't take something unless you know what it is…" he said..with a smirk.…


now what

to say I went un scathed would be a lie. to those who have a sense of humor about themselves...we are all those who can't allow for another point of view then I bid farwell...with love My show is a way...the play is said...I said it... I am…


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