now what

to say I went un scathed would be a lie. to those who have a sense of humor about themselves…we are all good…to those who can’t allow for another point of view then I bid farwell…with love

My show is a way…the play is said…I said it…

I am in holding now…having to do a lot of house keeping…clean up and organize and check off the boxes…a month or so in debt payments for going away….for exploring…there is a payment plan a price…

To be honest it annoys me but i understand…being responsible is being responsible and so I must be that even more.

i am home awaiting o never arriving Hurricane and it is a guest I am happy chose another journey. I am aware that life is sweet and precious and kind and special and at times I remember this…I feel

now…Like I am in rest mode…check up mode…finding out about a thyroid issue and checking on my sons heart and teeth and then my MRI and will I do a genetic test and all this…just to stay alive and be here and off coffee AGAIN

had a headache today but keep drinking water and relaxing and it went away…boys have a major school-less week because of NO hurricane hurricane…

out of the cone…chilling…



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