I booked another…..funny role

I am finding my nitch lately….lesbians and funny girls and a career.

This month I filmed a short as a Lesbian lover and then A nurse a healer and now I am in rehearsal for another repressed expressed lesbian and then I am about to play a male role in Romeo and Juliet. I am super excited about it all. Oh, and i just got another film role in a Latin movie…maybe I am the token American in the Latin world…OY VEY no Mi DEgas…

I am getting my headshots done by my actor freind who can see me in all my glory and I realized that the one I had originally and for a long time wanted dosen’t actually see the part of me I want to show. She see’s her version of me and that is a very vindictive person.

I think it is all her mother but in the end it doesn’t matter..People cast us and we perform…

I am not responsible for healing people.

I am done being that becasue I am healed now..I am free…I am letting go of my class …writing the book and moving on…so excited about it…


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