it is something that is built daily and with each decision we make. If you have attained it, it must be maintained. CON-fidence is about moving past yourself often in small ways that matter to your soul.

small ways that perhaps only you can see and those small ways build a being that eventually people see and, you’ve changed. Hopefully for the better if you were making conscious choices.

I have disappeared…I have become another version of myself…and “she” “old me” sneaks in when she catches the eye of a piece of candy that seems to get her innards moving and she can’t help but bite her lip and tease in her mysterious little way because old me can’t die she can just be told to sit in the corner mostly and that is fine…because now when she comes out it is like an old flame…I can flirt with but nothing is going to happen with…because it is so over..done…been there…

I have touched upon confidence and each day it grows stronger till it doesn’t and I slip down a shoots and ladder slide and look up trying to remember the steps back up. CONfidence is gained and maintained and lost and found and in that…in that ..we can play the game well- in a day flip from one to another and back again…dexterity is the key… light easy going surrounded by lovers of your key…

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