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My family is Close…we aren’t angry close or hostile close we are just close enough…close enough..but not tight tight…not too tight…but Close…

I am going vegetarian…I am thinking I love salads and don’t love meat…I am thinking I have another thing I have to remove from the sun goddess days and that since I con’t do much about the sun but to get myself a hat I will wear 24/7 then I best control what I can- my food..I choose vegetables…and I feel it may stick this time..reduce sugar….we all know that story…
oy Free Radical!

I am tired..I have to go to sleep…the house is tired….from the news all the news..too much news…but thank you science who can both find the issues and then offer Cures…

What happened back then..without science….we didn’t know…we let it slide…we just lived life each day until we couldn’t…

I choose a little sleep… a roller blade on the beach a hug from my loved ones and smiles soft kind loving smiles that no matter what life is not long enough…my father and all those above him are gone….gone from this earth but absorbed in my children I hear them I tug with them…we are our lineage because we are our lineage…a soul is not separate from the blood it is born in…it is born in the blood that will build it and that has been passed down and down… your soul…belongs to your body…could only exist in your body….to function…to have a say…it has to have a host…A soul’s host….that is you…

Blood line is the line of your family their spirits this mission their love…again and again I find myself repeating them…and this piano…this piano I wish I could play..I wish I could enjoy more…always wished that…even when I was young enough to remember how…it was never enough… you can’t enjoy enough ever…because this game is a relay a baton toss and that toss from the dead to the living it happens fast and we stumble we struggles and it is time that wins…turns that send us….tripping …forgetting this is not your baton at all…you pick it up when you dropped it when it was PASSED to forgot it came from someone….you created nothing… you are just finishing or trying to finish a thought…that is all you have…a thought…that was passed to you to try and figure out…explore…teach…share…etc…etc…etc..

C for all that you have done and do …you mostly teach… and we…have to …when our time comes….choose how to handle it all…I choose calm and yoga ..and teaching ….and creating…and loving…double down in LOVE.


stay still Susie

Creating energy is sometimes about being still…spinning in circles and developing centrifugal force…around a pole…

My house has a back yard……when I need to beckon the gods I play on that pole..I don’t WORK the POLE I Play on the pole and like in life the way we approach things makes all the difference..

I have released the gym…I have begun to accept fluidity as strength both in my life and in my exercise…testing again

the form follows function formula

I am not ripped I am whole

I am no strong I an secure

I am not toned I am able

I am not a product but a process

I have to remember the limitedness of finite concepts…

I am flow and fluid and light and kindness

I am all things at all times and if you see be in a divisional way it is your loving glass not mine but I will help you adjust it if you wish…open your sense and view all of you…if you dare.

But that is only for the willing and the bravest butterflies…the ones who dream of touching their creatresses finger one day…and to feel equal…to her at the moment it happens..

Play on….


Do you

Something I have enjoyed lately is the idea that I am creating a piece of work that is entirely ME. As an actor or inventor I have always focused on something OTHER than myself…or at least had another shield up infont of me. This is not a class or a product or a character this…this show I am doing is entirely me.

TO be able to do this. TO want to do this. To desire to explore my own journey as a topic of conversation as through…as through…it means something to the world. has been a right of passage. I am not obliged or desperate I am graceful and kind.

A few women have told me that they are joining me in Edinburgh. It wasn’t a request or an ask. They have just informed me that they will be there. Is this how people create groups and collectives? Is this how moving organically happens?

I am curious…having never been so hyper aware of this type of movement in my life before..the “build it and they will come”…I’ll scratch that…with my other things people have always helped and I think it is ..that this thing…it not as a PROOF…it is more or a conversation that the energy about it all just seems less…aggressive for my side and perhaps yields less aggression on the other?? I don’t know…

I am enjoying enjoying…I walked 2 hours on the Bech today with my dearest darling Maria…we talked uplifting frequency things and implanted joyful bliss in our morning minds.

I believe it is important when we move to think and talk about love and kindness once you have healed your hurts of the past..

It is our right to be OK to be JOYFUL to be peaceful…it is our right…and while others may still need to fight the good fight I am not them…anymore..

peace love and joy….1960



to be nurtured is to be receiving…to be loved …is to take…to allow…welcome …learning to be nurtured is a skill…truly nurtured and it is vulnerable and kind and it needs empathy to one’s self to take allow it to rush over you and calm you and when you give it to yourself…take the love you are offered and paint your body with it…you remind yourself that you are here for you and this soft energy…that can lead you….home.


don’t be fake…that way you won’t have to undue anything

being fake just means you are perpetuating the is true.
But to be true is to own it all – love it all a little more and be ok with OK..
Fake is a detour…a momentary fix that fixes nothing…just like any addiction the addition to FAKE can often become toxic and eventually the body will have to revolt…fake breasts are causing illness and eventually I am sure fake smooth foreheads will be known to cause issues too…give it time..
there is always a price to pay for FAKE…the body is a temple and when you fuck with lets you know one way or another…girls an boys…young lives…Be real ASAP…stay real as long as you can…a minute…then two..then three…in a few years you’s spend days in the REALNESS….or at least try to…that is my aim…a little more real every day…makes Susie. nice soul.


the truth is.

If I started writing today what I found out about life over the past 44 years I could stop right now. Love.

In the end it is all about this four letter word we say less than other four letter words and even when we do we mean it less then the others…we plant it on shirts and trees but in the the end it is the only liberation from anything …the love we have in our hearts and the love we are willing to share with the world…that is the only commodity that matters and if you happen to have food and a roof and a friend or two you have enough…but
I live in Miami and I ran from it-this city- as soon as I understood the rest of the world had a slower kinder map to joy- to love…or so I felt -thought …I want to have a theater and create for no award money..just laughter and smiles and then I turned into a worker a gainer a person who felt the need to fit in and through that fitting I contorted and through that I learned to be flexible and on the other side…where I sit now…I am not the person I wish I was…I am myself and in that I am all that I could ever be….I am not perfect or beautiful or honest to any large measure but loving…I practice that loving often…but for once a month…I love less that week…those days I bleed and perhaps channel and hear the pull of the causes of the desires of the that week…when my legs drip with red…I know life is not just life but we are qn earth we are one being being steered by its own energy content…being lifted of dropped from the orbit depending on the frequency we can emit..
and I know there is WORK to do..

I am here on my little keyboard tip tapping away…what can I tell you…that you are beautiful…that no one can nurture you more than you can nurture yourself..that your mother was just a teacher like any other…yes your first but a teacher just the same…and skills to love oneself were either taught or not…but the truth is..she was not a teacher but rather a remembering…she was reminding you what you already knew from the last trip you took on this earth…we all are love itself…being shown we are is the starting button…however..if you were not reminded or not reminded fully or reminded and stolen from when you were young …I have seen in my students that it is possible to remember yourself.. your true self…however you want to relate to her…if you are honest and kind enough….with others.with the world…not giving…not endlessly doing…but from the observer in you…if you are kind you can see something…out there that guides you home to your true self…all of you.
Love and nurturing is not the job of your mother or father…it is a duty they do their best at…but it is your entire purpose here on this earth to love your fullest self to find her.own her…cherish her with kisses and love her more than anyone could ever think to love her…
you will forget this again…as I have and then you will re-remember yourself…and fall deeper in LOVE with your own eyes and your own skin…don’t think a marketing sales person is your guide..don’t let the advertising world tell you what you want and need…don’t become the image that they need to sell the idea that sex is the only way to god…and love…stop buying the crap..
remember one thing…LOVE…it takes time and patience but once you find her…hold her softly and remind her daily she is welcome in your often she is rejected and she herself needs softness.

If I could tell you all I learned in the 44 years I have lived it is that nothing ever ever maters then the desire to LOVE yourself and if you can muster…one or two others around you….you have the universe…
in the palm of your hand….tred lightly love gently and let go with grace…


Susie k Taylor and co.

My name is Susie K Taylor and this is my company. We are a group of Actors from Miami and we/I are here to HEAL our beloved city and beyond.

I work with companies and individuals in the city through acting. I teach them how to recast themselves and how to change their story from the perspective of Theater.

I create spontaneous creations and I bring them out into the city through improvised movement and powerful creatives.

I am interested in working with powerful people who don’t want to be in pain. I am interested in transmuting energy and healing and owning who we are and pushing through BS to get to our higher more POWERFILLED place.

Please contact me if you are interested in WORKING with me. I will audition you through my process and you – if I feel it is a fit_ will work with

Susie K.Taylor and company– or just have a great day.


if I had a twin soul….she would be

a twin soul can be your sister…as long as she is interested in the job…but usually they aren’t…mne wasn’t…she would rather rake her OWN leaves then jump in your pile…even if she does it alone…

If I had a twin flame she may be my yoga instructor who wonders why after a fulfilling day like today my shoulders a collapsing in all my downward dogs…

If I had twin flame is could have been my husband but he goes out.early at 9pm…..I suspect like most of us do and Aren’t twin flames forever on fire together?

I thought he was my twin flame but he is a mirror of my soul created through mimics to know me…and in that I fell and in that I saw that from the ground back up is the way to build a Soul that can throw her own flames..

And a twin Soul is a Soul that knows its younger self and recognizes her for all she has been through and hugs her close enough to conjoin with her..melt with her and become her but with respect and kindness and love..
my twin soul is my younger selves and I suspect m older selves and within their embrace I build my new future…my life as the ARTISTIC DIRECTOR OF THE CREATIVE SHELTER.


found a lil space

several years ago I worked in a space that was in Wynwood. I did a performance there during Art Basel and it was amazing and immersive and beautiful but the people I worked with ran away and the theater I though I was building was a crumble and I too felt crumbled inside. I had again played my dream at their feet. Lesson learned

Today I felt the need to return to the new location of that space and found myself talking to an old boss that hired me for a gig that is still being used to help him sell LOTS and LOTS of art.

I told him what I do..why I do what I do and he seemed to get in…want it and was engaged and a little taken in by my strength…which I know I have now…no need to hold my dream… I go it.

Then the woman I was intending on meeting…being… came in with her eyes teary and we talked and she opened up to me and I held her and I helped her and when the fed ex guy asked her for directions I showed her how that is the character she is playing and even HE feels it…

She introduced me to more folks who I totally clicked with and who heard what I do and felt it was amazing…like constellations and intense…then she showed me a future project and we made plans to meet tomorrow night.

In one moment I said I wanted a space and in the very next I received it…the place was always there…it was me that ran away to redefine myself as a person who can run a theater without giving a shit and knowing my ability to heal is going to be projected through and injected into the community through my work.

all the way around again..

TO 2019 and beyond.