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A Still Life- The Susie K Taylor Process

The Susie K Taylor Process

Chapter one

I am not sure when it began- but it happened- I was implanted at an early age to feel I should become more than…better than-

I suspect it crosses gender but my journey is from the feminine- so that is where I speak from and to.

See, after I read Deborah Spar’s ENTIRE book slowly about why we all yearn to be Wonder Women, the social influence became disturbingly clear.

But knowing I was being influenced and learning how to remove said programing are two different things-

Learning where my influences got through to my subconscious was another book- Wendy Patrick- Red Flags. It turned the dial from victim to possible participant based on my own holes.

Those lacking’s were held steady by my inability to ask for forgiveness- my “teachings’ that I had a right to be angry and should be. I found another book Ho’oponopono by Ulrich E Dupree’ and began to not only in my mind but face to face ask those I felt victimized by- for forgiveness. For what? Holding them in the role as long as I have through my thoughts!

Ho’oponopono- I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, Thank you
These releasing of my “beliefs” was paired with a physical practice I developed. I conscious movement workout kept the creative energy in play which Is the best energy to use for transformation to lightness. Create what you create from, was my thought.

“Your Creative and sexual energy are the same and they reside in your hips.” SMK
The idea steamed from the book You can heal yourself by Louise L. Hay and the practice of the Alexander Technique. Both explore and explain why stress causes pain both emotionally and physically

I began to remove any self-inflicted stress in my current and past life and tried to remove myself from stressors. It looked like I was being weak by not pushing through but it was a practice of finding calm I was heading for. My speed of light theory.

I began to consider simplicity as life’s purpose instead of this yearning for drama. Releasing my own internal dissatisfaction Gargamel who was incessantly empowered by my surrounding money centric society.

Our world is rotating now based on what you and I purchase. Stop buying and companies go out of business and people lose jobs and children starve

We have excessively focused on moment to moment and disposable products and that intern drip into disposable relationships

Steadfast and solid is what allows us to build a platform, find peace. Yet on Television we are all killing each other or yelling at each other and hoping to perhaps wake up tomorrow morning as a super hero. A Super Hero who is MORE concerned with others than himself, his family, or his lover. How helpful.

I didn’t and for this I was always a little unhappy about that lacking and thus – open for Business… to buy a thing that will sooth me from not being the hero.

Women today are inundated with this message from decades of abuse but listen to a sports station and you will find men are the new target.

As a commercial actor, I became part of this lovely conversation.

A commercial casting usually calls for the Hero and the villain role- One is for those that purchased the right item and the other is for the sad one who didn’t—-if only you do then you too can be a Target gal.

Speaking of Target, I developed in my naivety a baby bib to replace all bibs. I pitched it to Target and again on Shark Tank. Shark Tank told me to go to china and build a less viable product and Target sent me a purchase order to buy tons of my bibs for less than what I could make it for. So basically, just dilute the product and I would have had the deal of a life time, twice!

A cross roads I rejected twice.
Lasting too long serves no one
Having staying power doesn’t serve the system
Being content is a bad word
But since then I have spent time and movement to release what I call these Gargamels and I have found through truly mourning my Never Will Be’s… I have created what I think is an authentic life. Oh, and along with my physical and emotional detoxification I have also release processed sugar, cow’s milk, wheat and alcohol from my diet.

I am more relaxed
My PMS is not aggressive
My home is peaceful
My marriage is solid
My children are clam
My relationships with all my family and friends are honesty and open
I am more productive, creative and clear than I have ever been.
I am surer than even that what I am putting out there is not adding to the negativity in order to engage but rather starting a fresh new conversation of creating from contentment. Promoting unconditional love and trying to live a passionately ethical life. As a form of discipline and commodity of energy.

I want for you what you want for you,
I practice my mini movement mediation daily if not twice and I work from our home in a room of my own.

Thanks for playing 🙂