Author: Susie Taylor


Letting go of… bibbitec

The bibbitec bib that I created and took to Shark Tank.
Being a creative is allows you to consider you can do anything and be anything …but the reality is that is not true…I can not really BE anything…I am already something…

Yes I can invent a bib, Yes I can get on a TV show, Yes I can commit to my business beliefs and turn down an offer ( never seen on the show itself)

Yes I can pretend to be moral and upstanding about something I pretended to care about but the truth is…in the end…

As my father said…” you know nothing about this business”
I could have taken that to heart but instead I took it as a challenge and set out to prove how I could do it- how I was of value in the monetary world.

But getting out of that “Challenge” that CHaracter is what was head-

Because I had that five minute of fame on SHark Tank I created a thread with one of the most famous TV shows. IT gave my idea an international presence and even some four years later keeps airing..

I think I even have a membership to SOHO house because of it so how could I Let that go..?

The truth is the Fame is not my purpose. I am a problem solver and a healer like my father and I had a respect for the performing because part of my family were singers but in the end… I am most happy one on one and in my own company or healing people.

Plus bibbitec was in the end a business and from my experience you CAN NOT be a fullly ethical or altruistic person rather in business. You just can’t! There are corners and ideas you have to soften in order to move on and so staying TRUE to your mission is not always best for business and usually your mission is based on an idea. Like mine was..that in the end FALSE

FOr example. Made in America was important to me because CHina had made toxic baby toys my kids played one…( wa this all a revenge scheme) but in the end we have prisons filled with innocent people getting paid pennies to make MADE IN AMERICA for private companies and so by promoting made in AMERCIA I ended up promoting something I didn’t want to align with. ( The factory I used wasn’t a prison but they had to drop bibbitec * and 300 other small business) because prison factories were out bidding them for other deals and so they had to return to working fully with the military …which also- I have heard can hire those prisons to build their stuff I am told)

SO what I am saying is that my truth is a desire to live to my own moral compas in all aspects of my life. With my friends, with my family, with my work. It has led me writing..just me and the screen creating a two way conversation involving my soul searching journey.



Letting go of … PERFORMING

Me Myself and I
I studied acting in school since I was in 5th grade. I loved it. Learning how to become another person was fascinating to me and I became an expert at it.

The reason I am not going to “perform” ever again is that it is based on lying and deception. A tool that has allowed me to grow OFF my center. Off my Authentic point.

Learning to become another person to the best of your abilities is freeing as it allows you to look back on your OWN character with new perspective. THe issue is when you PLAY the CHaracter so long that you have forgotten which is the real YOU- the real authentic self.

Charge is powerful- wether it comes from applause or likes or money- It helps you feel like you are alive. THe problem is that sometimes that charge is plugged into the wrong outlet – not LOVE – but rather PAIN- FEAR- SEX- and you are simply creating a FALSE version of yourself.

The healing art of acting -when used to let go of characters rather than add characters is a beautiful tool for me- a process I enjoy sharing with people who desire to KNOW THEMSLEVES FULLY AS WELL.


Letting go … about the S.U.R.F. Process

THe story -the way we connect to ourselves, to each other, to our past and to our future seems like the logical place to start when you want to let go of pain in your life. G0 to the point of entry.

But GO as An actor Goes towards a role. With a notebook and curiosity and lots of respect and love for the story. If you judge it the story will go fuzzy.

I love using music and movement and it has been how I healed ALL my pain. I am not angry or angst UNLESS something enters into my immediate life and it is not for me- THEN I get angry and angst and I address that STORY ASAP. BUT there are no layers involved usually- it is just a toxin that came in and because my air is clean I feel it and it bothers me…and I try and get it out ASAP.

This process came to me through my own personal experiences and yesterday I was pointed in the direction of narrative Psycology and from what I read this is the umbrella of what I came to realize and explore in my SURF MEthod.

As an actor trained to hold story to access emotion I eventually found this troubling when my own father past away and I was holding the pain and the injury and counldn’t understand why I wasn’t letting go.

What was revealed to me was that I was trained to use pain as motivation. Anger as inspiration and I believe now that our society has absorbed this training in our content and as a society are being programmed through our PROGRAMS to do the same.

Subconsciencly i couldn’t let go of the pain because my internal actor was harboring it in her tool kit. I finally found this story within myself and kindly and softly sat down with HER and said. Listen…even if we never act again you can’t carry this pain with you my love, you Won’t make it. She released that was a truth and though my SURF movement process slowly and thus the idea of relief set in.

I learned through this idea personally and by training others that empathetic acting is much more interesting but the only way to insure you aren’t hurting yourself and others by “USING IT” ( a line in acting to tap into your pain and use it for your role) is to know you have cleaned your plate of all the HYPER CHARGE STORIES you have..

LEtting go of anything that you hold as a version of WHO YOU ARE is what this is about and many people do not SEPERATE the STORY from theirselves. If feels like a death, a MELTING away and even having been doing it for years it never gets easier but the process goes faster and the relief lasts longer.

Last night I followed a sign and went to a movement studio in MIami called the Republic of Movement and as we began the first game A smile crossed my face…I found a gold nugget that is in the movement itself kind and not demanding and honest and not forced. Exactly what I have internally found within myself.

MY question was- How do you move from GRACE…well last night I found out…Beautifully and Slowly.


Letting go of…Your Story

I was the lead in a play a few years ago and during one final run before we opened I made an internal independent decision to make the character more forgiving.

After the run we sat for our notes and our director just stood there. All the hard work we had rehearsed the past three week was gone. Nothing. He was not even mad it seemed he was just helpless.

Before he began to give the notes I raised my hand. I said, “ That was my bad.” He looked at me and said “Thank you for being able to own that and never do that again.”


None of the other actors could play their part because I wasn’t playing mine. The DRAMA we were trying to play out became a light hearted story. Not what the director was going for-

Change your ROle Change the Genre of your story.
We can’t remove stories in our lives. That would be more of a denial situation and can get really dangerous but we can decide to change our role in the story as soon as possible.

Try playing the Character that doesn’t allow the other actors to play against you.

The STORIES stay the same but your part in them shifts and if you are willing to let go of

How can you do this in your own DRAMAs?

CAn YOU make an independent internal decision to be a more forgiving character in one of your Stories?

Would that be so bad? What would you gain? What would your loose?
What Role would you be and would that be OK? Woul should still exist if you chose a different motivation?