Author: Susie Taylor


Hello …Creative Shelter co.

I have wanted a company- this idea of a company since I was standing in a white wooden acting studio ( ah there it is- my image of peace) being asked by one of my teachers where i see myself at 40. I opened my mouth and said I am going to have a company but not a normal acting company.

I had no idea what this meant or who it was within me that said it. I literally shrugged my shoulders in acceptances and looked around the room as everyone nodded. Ok..and it is written..Funny how these truths escape if we just OPEN our mouth.

A company? It was 1995- there was NO cell phone and NO Social Media…there WAS however AOL and a Chat room and emails and I was recently using those to stay connected to Steve while I studied in London.

Webber DOuglass was a house made into a school and I suppose that’s what i am seeking…here in Miami…and why the warmth of a home is always missing when I search for a SPACE…

By I digrace.

I was recently texted by one of my students turned past student turned friend turned ….practice partner turned as i sat across from her yesterday….

My first company member?

She doesn’t know this officially yet and I assume the other girl next to her will be as well- she is just 6 months out of my clasS- A KIND SOUL NEEDS TO SOLIDIFY…

They both texted me and we sat from 11-3:30 talking about how to move forward in our lives with grace

You wouldn’t think this is an “A. Ha” moement but having tried to teach and explain this to dozens of other artists not many have fully bought into moving from forgiveness..NONE actually ….they choose to hold onto their STORY and in that the Pain of the MAternal and in that I am a punching bag…as I am THE MATERNAL….i have learned…

It is exhausting and painful but I am there to show the benefits. A woman- a creative- owning her fault lines and taking responsibility…they have a roadmap if they want it…does and don’t s

And as we sat there I have to remind myself these woman are 20 plus years younger then me…both of them have proven in thier way of living…that they are more interested in killing their ego and moving from love more than anything else…

They are not saints…nor am I …we are powerful Alpha WOman with the ability to destroy…but I have informed them what that looks like over a life time and I give them thoughts on how to avoid holding on to anger too long…

THey ask me to the coffe juice shop and as I sit there and TEACH…I instantly see what I have..the daughters I never did, the company I will eventually build and a philosophy that these two women find valuable in their lives.

I am the Artistic DIrector of The Creative Shelter. We practice the S.U.R.F. Acting method and we wil be appearing throughout MIami this year and launching officially in Edinburgh in August 2019- We share stories of HOW TO LOVE along the maternal fault line…

SURFing Process

F$%K … Recasting

In my process of getting out of character (SURF) the hardest part for ME is recasting. It is the point where I know what I am doing is perpetuating pain and I have to change but the question is what and how and where and when.
And i am not moving…not doing my class…no studio…just tried to get time at little Haiti and one door was locked- one was taken and the theater was setting lights as i heard the sound and knew there was someone in the light booth..

Where is ALONE….

Today i realized that

I have wanted my own artistic VOice for a long while and I have it and it is so strong that it isn’t letting me work with anyone or any company or any message that isn’t on the same path.
THUS it has become clear that it is…
dibiulitaing to me NOT to have my own company…

Knowing what I can’t do without causing me pain pushing me into a corner of the ONE and ONLY thing I Can do.

Officially establish my company
My PLACE to do MY work and work with like minded creative that are in line with ME…

Artist that are here to spread LOVE
Not pain
Artist that are healed or demand to try and be
Artist that let go and move on and forgive
Artist that take responsibility
Artist that have empathy
Strong ALPHA voices that have vision and alphaness
People who can hold me

I am heading to the graphic designer to create the SURF logo
So i can take my freind up on talking at the chamber and introduce officially to the city my company. My Artistic Company

I can set a date for the next show and how stories are our passions…seeing the story you are in and choosing to shift what is needed form your position and with those you live with so that you can have a better version of your story…pas-present and future.

Transforming through performance…

So my a issue in my tissue is that i am an amazing pleaser and I have to stop activating that becasue it is not aligned…I am pleasing others before myself and that is never a good thing. I can’t do it anymore and this last part – the accommodating – I have no time for that-

This is the year of pleasing Susie…If it pleases me…

Now I must lift weights and strengthen my core-


A strong older woman with wrinkles and a voice!
Cue the kitchen walls as they fall open like a house of cards and the world is revealed and I am free- Flowing and forgiven.

Logo for SURF
Trademark name
Class and process
Venue for Edenbourgh



Nothing is….#easy

Just finished season 2 of #easy and all i can say is THANK GOODNESS i am not an actress in that show. The lines they are pushing are gone and this is not a “SCRIPTED” piece but rather an unveiled piece that puts the actors right up on the line of what is ART and what is entertainment and what is PORN.
I think everything is blending together and the lines for me are gone.

I am still a little shocked at the porn vibe the show had in the sex worker scene and how conversational it was. How mundane sex is in this show and how kind of great that is for people who are repressed and how kind of sad that is for the romantic in me.

I went to acting school to learn how to tell stories and there are many but there comes an age where I am finding the type of story I tell affects people and the question is HOW..but see that is not an artists problem…the artist problem is not to care how…or else you become an activist…oh that what I am?



Is your ACTING technique harming you?

If you use your painful experiences to help you tap into emotion in your work you are re triggering your past experiences and will have to contend with that trauma after the play/film is done.

If you allow yourself to fully feel the trauma of your character you will also need to deal with that residue after the play is over

If you are aware of your ability to absorb try and get out of character often- in between scenes and when the play is finished each night and when the play closed- take time to RECOVER…maybe you will have less emotional traumas than most.

And a long and lovely career as well as home life.

I also suggest consider NOT marrying an actor. Actos by natural are transient and one in a relationship is quite enough.


Bait and Switch…perpetuated by me.

The internal lineage line of a lady in waiting is getting snipped.
IT is not getting torn or broken just snipped.

I am showing Steve how it has worked so swell for him over the years and how his understanding that I will do what pleases him has built a life we both love but not own.

It is neither or our’s as he built mine and i built his and now we have to step aside to posses it …equally ourselves.

I say that becasue neither of us fully committed to things when it came to our own work.

Yesterday as my sister walked in to tell us what we need to do to get the house SALE ready- she pointed out that the Mezuzah on the door was falling off.

That Mazusah was placed there a few years ago and the Jewish men that placed it mentioned how it represents compromise. I remember thinking…Has Steve EVER compromised..Have I asked him too?

Fast forward to this day – some years later- and it is falling off.

It is New Years tonight for us jewish souls. A time to ask for forgiveness and what I will ask myself for is TO forgive myself for alleasing others..It had lead me to where I am and now it is time to release that skill set. I have played that role enough and there is nothing more I can get out of it.

Nothing more…becasue the Bait and Switch I have been living with was ALLOWED becasue I was a lady in waiting.

If I stop waiting for OTHERS to be happy…what will happen to me…and them…maybe there is a moement in motherhood when the hood raises off our eyes and we see we have built a garden and all we need to do is step far enough away to enjoy what is looks like.



The sadness of finding flow

The thing that I wondered is…if you find flow will you loose your loves.
The answer…some of them.

Some of your loves were loves to get you here and those you will loose…and then some of the loves are why you got here and those you keep.
You can;t hang on to the bridges you crossed..if you ever want to get to the other will loose some and for me mine is wanting to play those dark deep seeded roles that are required to anoint great actors.
I am done trying to dig internally to grasp at my coils and put them on display for you. I am done hurting to find the rawness of it all.

So to teach my class..i think that too is was more for me then you my loves. More for my ability to be kind regardless and love relentlessly and pursue your pursuits – but the truth is

I am not in love with your teacher anymore..she is free and has learned her lesson. I am not in love with the ideas you anointed me with in fact they scare me more than anything. I wish you all freedom form anyone’s point of view and that you see your light with your own eyes deeper than anyone ever could or will. You experience your life and we are here to tap you to center..
I’m thankful to you all my students my roles that were darker than all things OTHER…but is time to be ME


Thank you but….no

This week I auditioned for two theater plays a voice over and a made for TV show. I heard from two of them. One I did not get but was quickly asked to read in a play reading session with them in a few weeks. I accepted.
I love play readings..low commitment- high enjoyment and all and all a lovely night.

I also heard from the second play – I was offered a role that I felt might be Angry. I mentioned that I was thrilled o be part of the piece but not as an Angry person. I know myself and Anger is toxic..nudity on the other issue…HA THey informed me that my role was indeed angry and that there was no alternative way to portray it..

I said thank you but no thank you. THis is the first time I ever in my life let a role go. It wasn’t;t the money it was the emotion that I couldn;t play anymore.

I have told my students to do this and this was the first time I had the where with all to heed my own wisdom.

I also was asked to speak a the business chamber..some 5 months after I applied due to nepotism and I accepted which sent me on a wild goose chase of defending this opportunity by trying to reinstate my SURF acting class.

IT was bibbitec all over. I had put the class down bc I learned what I needed and yet when a wanting person gave me attention I began to try and justify it..

I spend a few days thinking of how to trademark my name but the truth came when today I was creating a logo and i was annoyed and Steve was my voodoo doll. Poor guy. I am poking him…trying to ignite his SUPER POWER
Where he called my bullshit and release me from my angst and take me HOME-

I tell him that this request to talk has spured me to look for spaces and try and restart my class…
He says” that makes no sense”
I say” it is a sign..that I was asked”
He says “and that is why you are wrong.”
He asked” do you want to teach”
I say I miss doing my class but I am over teaching…over caring about others in front of me…I’ve helped enough…I don’t care that much anymore”

Truth is nasty- hard and really hurts when you let it in..but it equally heals when you do. I have no desire to build the class out..but I miss dancing and I just want to find a place…

No. I have a place a studio I can use with my EarPods..alone- Monday or Wednesday.. and that’s what Ill do-

Still thinking I woudl like to apply for the FRINGE in EDINBUOGH..or maybe in NYC if they have it this year..give myself a deadline…
Then these nibbles won’t be so attractive

I need to love my work beyond all the rest and my work is my piece…I lost focus this week but it was good to close the door on my class and even another play I was kind of cast in but the role was angry and i can’t afford anger in my psyche right now.

Whoever you are…reading my blog…I hope you are not an ARIES…we have another few days of this back and forth crazy!


Hello ……WIngs

this past two days minus yesterday – I watched three full seasons of three shows. Fleabag, Sisters and Chica something..

Then yesterday I took my boys to school and then went to the gym then chopped off a few inches of my hair….

Doing “nothing” letting go…allowing the universe to align with you…visa versa….

I also listened to several tarot card readings about my September and they all said…tough one….decisions…liars….etc… ALl of them…

When several tarot card readers from all over the world give out the same reading for ARIES September 1-15 you know it is not YOUR time and you sit back and just dive deep and like a SURFER…find a sturdy rock to hold on to while the waves pass above you.

And I did..I felt the energy and I bunkered down and then yesterday
I received three emails

one that I was NOT cast in CIty THeater Winter SHorts
two- that I was asked to do a reading with City THeater this MOnday
three- that I was invited to join a Shakespeare group that performs for children in schools
four- that I was invited to speak about my class at the MIami Beach Chamber wellness committee in November.

seeds get planted and sometimes we have to distract our selves with dancing so that they can grow in peace..
Goodness is not forced or demanded it is offered up

My addiction to the MALE GAZE is over…i don’t feel it and know that -that portion of my life is truly gone. I hope that these next chapters offer me something more that superficial glances…something deeper and more lasting and eternal.

The Male gaze holds no charge but for a memory of a world I am not of anymore…

I long for and have desired to be understood and heard..and that world is only built through my Gaze- my words- my value


Thank you universe for allowing this reset…for offering me the opportunity to shift …for unanchoring me from the roots of this past life- this house- these stories and to levitate above them in search of my future..
Than you for letting me kindly grow my wings these past few years so that they can take me to the places I desire.