Acting….the mind of us and disassociative identity disorder

I just heard about Dissociate identity disorder and it reminds me of what method actors like myself deal with…

If people can develope DID from trauma ( during thier early years) that is repetitive then by accessing personal trauma to create a role and then repeating it in a play or movie you can also build an ALTER ego…which is hard to get rid of…and most don’t even try to or are aware of it.

When the ALTER CHARACTER for an actor is created by tapping into thier personal memory or traumas the ALTER will blend with YOU- intertwine…

If you have found peace with your traumas of your past and used forgiveness and asked them to forgive you and truly released the charge then…the ALTER/CHARACTER you create while you act is not meshed with your personal trauma and you can indeed get out of character when you finish the job if you allow yourself the time for rehabilitation.

If you don’t rehab- your fluid memory skills might absorb the characters taurma as yours…for example..think of a person who had a knee injury and after time is was healed but the person still limped..this is bc the mind hasan;t really been retrained to know the injury doesn’t need to be protected-

Also each trauma is an ego and egos don’t willingly die and the only way to RELEASE them- i have found- is with soft kind uncharged love..the least amount of energy needed will indeed release the trauma- becasue if you aggressively go in… you will have that trauma aggressively dig in or return in some sort of Trigger.

Thus my Method…S.U.R.F. Was created…a movement therapy like process that involves a performace aspect that releases the EGO through unconscious movement lead PERHAPS my our outhnic healed self..

I wish someone who worked with Dissociative identity disorder would talk with me and what I have learned about myself and other actors who use their pain for their art.

Two fold- they hurt themselves and others as they project pain into the content and thus isn’t the threads that weave our society

I feel training actors in the nearly 100 year old methods is out of date…it is brutal and it is abusive..

Acting coaches and instructors and mentors and managers and agents should be healthy and hold no anger so they can guide artist from a state of love and allow them to live a healthy life as an artist.