Lovely how much diffence a year makes…

Tomorrow I am going to a year check up with Dr. Rotemberg.

She is a spiritual woman and a wonderful plastic surgeon in MIami..
She is beautiful and kind and patient.with her patients..last year on December 14th ( oh ithas been more than a year) I first removed my implants and then four months later did a lift and I am sooooooo thankful.

I love my boobs. They are small and perky and I feel hole again.

I had the implants for so long and I aligned them with so many things…my sexual power my body image so so ingrained this lie seeped and it took me a long time to decide how to remove them
And with which Dr… and what to do next…if you are going through this I feel your angst.

But if you had small breast to begin with I will say it was nice returning to my former self…

Most people want a fat transfer or implants again…from what I experienced talking to Doctors..going for just an explanation alone and waiting for lift is not that common but it was highly Recomended and I feel helpful in why they turned out as they did.
it was the best choice to me and I am so in love with my SELF- not becasue of how they look but becasue I have been able to re-introduce myself to my self again and She is lovely.

I am looking forward to seeing the Doctor again and thanking her for all her help.


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  1. It’s great that you feel more body confident without your implants. Natural breasts look so much better! What was the process for your breast lift? I’ve been thinking about getting one. I’m a 34D and I’ve always considered getting a breast lift and possibly a reduction.

    1. Hi Ashly. Thank you for your thoughts. I am not sure how a reduction procedure works. I think it is a little different but the lift was simple with a few months off from any physical activity for recovery. I found a great DR…after searching and I believe that makes all the difference. Do your research and manage your expectations. The scars were my big issue but it is fading and I am getting used to them. But HONESLTY…if you don’t HAVE to do it…don’t…that is my new thought process…. It is a surgery and those are serous and being able to avoid them…well…that is alwasy a kind act. have a great 2019 and whichever you choose… choose from your highest version of self- the ones that loves you unconditionally. all the best….sooze